The TCMG saga continues

In a dystopian world, the city of Sovereign falls victim to a sinister plot.


When Nathan Sahl (a courageous military leader) inherits a dangerous position of power, he must be ruthless. As enemies rise all around him, he allies with a right-wing regime and betrays his homeland, in order to save those he loves.


Meanwhile, Sam Royle is kidnapped. When he awakes in a futuristic laboratory, an imprisoned Doctor, and a child-like artificial intelligence hologram provide his only chance of escape. As Sam tries to understand why he was taken, his journey takes a dark turn, and he discovers the key to all of human history, and its future.


Witness savage mercenaries, brutal fights, ancient prophecies, and secret organisations in this epic tale of destiny, betrayal and revenge.


The earth flooded, the old world drowned, and now the last humans fight against the elements, on a vast driftwood town. Welcome to the Ark, humanity's last chance of survival.

On her sixteenth birthday, Anya must choose her role in the tribe. All she wants is to be a Hunter, but only men are allowed to take the daring trials. To prove herself worthy, Anya journeys to the mysterious waters of the Shallows, and there she discovers an underwater world beyond her wildest dreams. In a dance with death, Anya must deal with the possibility of losing those she loves, her home and all else when she finds a mysterious power never thought possible.

Prepare for an oceanic adventure filled with sea creatures, monsters and much more as Anya saves the Ark.