Inventing Anya Part I

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Two hundred people desperately clinging to life, a tribal way of living and an underwater world never thought possible … I often wonder how I imagined the exciting world of Anya of Ark, and this week I wanted to talk about the setting whilst avoiding spoilers.

The first thing that came to mind was the idea of four teenagers on kayaks that have lived on a floating raft their entire lives without comprehension of land, without knowledge of buildings, electricity, solid food, or any other home comforts we know so well such as walls, roofs, heating and hot water. I played with the idea, and Anya of Ark was born.

In Anya of Ark, the world quickly flooded, so quick in fact, scientists didn’t have enough time to investigate and provide an explanation. Almost overnight the importance of wealth disappeared and instead, humanity tore itself to smithereens over boats and supplies. Most people drowned very quickly, if not straight away, and those who didn’t, starved to death on boats without the right fishing gear.

Anya of Ark is set thirty years after this monumental catastrophe. Those who survived the flood are about fifty years old. Life has been harder for them, they have seen their world of comforts torn away and been forced to adapt to the life of ice-cold water. The young however are less affected, as their cold fight for survival is all they know and only the strong survive.

The Arkers are a damaged and somewhat broken people, who have had to adapt very quickly to a new way of living whilst overcoming the post-traumatic stress of losing their old world and almost everyone they love in the flood. They resorted to a form of tribalism, and have lost a part of their humanity, this is the world in which we find Anya.

Here’s the first paragraph of chapter one:

“Water splashed and waves crashed against the mass of a wooden raft as a solid horizon lit the day. Morning drums bellowed across the sea, bringing a grand rhythm to the floating village. A contraption built from salvage and desperation, it was the size of a small city, designed to move with the ocean’s moods. A mass of scrap wood and plastic, held together by rusted nails and all else left floating from a world swallowed deep down below. Most of all, the raft was forged by hope: the last speck of man’s undying will to survive in a world of water. Its name was the Ark.”

You can pre-order Anya of Ark HERE

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