Inventing Anya Part III

This week I will be looking more at the research I did to tell this story and looking back there was a lot of research. Without further ado, here are some fun facts about the world of Anya of Ark …

· One major problem I saw, was how people would be capable of breathing in a world without trees. I then learnt that 80% of the earth’s oxygen is created by algae, I found this profoundly interesting and rational enough for all my Arker’s not to suffocate, once the earth had been flooded.

· As for my character names, some are inspired by different gods of the sea. Be it names from Persia, Japan, Greek mythology.

· The adult Arker’s drink sea-weed wine, which is a real beverage. The Arker’s also make their clothes from seal and fish leather, inspired by eskimos.

· Arker’s can also swim under water for 5-10 minutes, they use a number of diver signals whilst swimming underwater.

Another major point of the story is the underwater environments. I did a lot of research into flooded buildings, under water statues and instances where nature had taken back human buildings. I really tried to envision how normal buildings would look after 20 years submerged in water. What would it be like to swim through a once mundane setting, let’s say an office block, but now it has been completely transformed by mother nature.

I wanted to create a world where buildings and offices swallowed down below is covered in algae and coral. It’s a dark and wondrous world where nature has taken back everything humanity built and made something beautiful and mysterious. This leaves huge implications for what could be looming under the surface, and I promise you that there will be monsters, sea-creatures and dark secrets. I’ve made an underwater world never thought possible.

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