Inventing Anya Part II

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In my previous blog, I outlined how the Arkers came to be, this week I wanted to talk a little more on the factions in Anya of Ark.

With the remains of 20th Century life lying below the surface of the ocean, the last few hundred human beings on earth had to adapt. The trauma and stress made them quickly forget their history, and they became scavengers of floating supplies to build everything from high crow’s nests to living quarters.

The freezing temperatures made old cotton-based clothes absolutely useless, so soon our survivors began making clothes from seal leathers. They sharpened spears from old human tools and took up certain roles within the tribe. Those who were strong became Hunters, those who were skilled with their hands and minds became Makers, those with a love for seafood became Chefs and those with a nurturing nature became Carers for those struggling with age and disability. A new way developed, a simple but strenuous way of life, and everyone quickly came to know their roles in order for the Ark to survive.

Soon the Arkers made ranks for each class within their faction; apprentice, junior, veteran and master. They gave each other tattoos from squid ink to identify their accomplishments - from great catches, to saving lives and preparing great feasts. A belonging to each group developed as each came to identify with their own, and soon the Hunters – the most physically imposing asserted themselves as the lead group. It went unsaid for a while, but eventually it became known by all.

At the start of the story, we find our protagonist Anya in the midst of a silent struggle of growing inequality between these factions. You can pre-order Anya of Ark here.

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