The earth flooded, the old world drowned, and now the last humans fight against the elements, on a vast driftwood town.

Welcome to the Ark, humanities last chance of survival.

Anya Fairheart knows only the cold harsh reality of the raft. On her sixteenth birthday, she must choose her role in the tribe; an Ark tradition she cannot escape. Deep down Anya knows what she wants to become, but a daring trial, and the old ways of her people may keep her from her dream.

Little does she know that her wants and wishes may not matter, as everything is about to change. Below the Ark, in the deep dark endless ocean, monsters are lurking in the water, and the old ways will never be the same.

Prepare for an epic action-packed adventure filled with injustice, conflict, imaginative monsters and an unforgettable underwater world.

Anya of Ark

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