Titans, Cranes & Monsters Games 
Part I: Sunlight 

"The Kingdom will fall, Sovereign will burn, and the Titan will reign the sky."

In the year 2095, the earth has spiralled into chaos and the last democracy is on the brink of collapse.

Sam Royle is without memory or strength, he is thrust into a journey of rediscovery, friendship, and mad science. He meets an imprisoned Doctor, a child-like artificial intelligence hologram, and discovers a cube that holds the key to the entire of human history, and its future.

Lydia Jacobs, (a courageous soldier) receives a harrowing phone call and is forced on a merciless quest for revenge.

Nathan Sahl (the Chief of Defence) faces a heart-breaking decision to protect his friends and family, as his world comes crashing down around him.

Will Sam regain what was lost?
Does Lydia get her revenge?
Can Nathan save those he loves?

Join unlikely heroes such as a smuggler, an exo-soldier, a hologram, and an immortal in this action-packed cyberpunk tale of tragedy, betrayal and revenge.


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