Sunlight is Part I of III in the Titans, Cranes & Monsters Games saga. A dark epic action-packed, dystopian filled cyberpunk adventure, with multiple cross-cutting plots, points of view and meaningful characters.


The Kingdom will fall, Sovereign will burn, and the Titan will reign the sky.


The Kingdom Isle is on the brink of collapse as its capital city Sovereign falls victim to a sinister plot. A neighbouring dictatorship will stop at nothing to take back their flying war machine known as the mighty Titan.


Sam Royle is without his memories or strength. Kidnapped for a sinister purpose, he is thrust into a journey of rediscovery. He meets an imprisoned Doctor, a child-like artificial intelligence hologram, and discovers a cube that holds the key to the entire of human history, and its future.


Meanwhile Nathan Sahl, the Kingdom’s newly appointed Chief of Defence will face a deal with the devil to protect himself, his friends, and his family as his world comes crashing down around him.


Join unlikely heroes such as the courageous exo-soldier Captain Lydia Jacobs as she receives a harrowing phone call and is forced on a quest for revenge. The leader of the notorious grave smugglers Markus Vance, an Artificial Neural Network Intelligence Experiment known as Annie, and a grey spiralled supernatural being in this action-packed tale of tragedy, betrayal and revenge.

Titans, Cranes
& Monsters Games